Regent Primacy Medical Clinic (2022)

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  • 5Michael P. 1 year ago

    I have never had anything but a great experience in this clinic! Dr. Azer is the most compassionate and understanding doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Instead of just rushing me through with a prescription, she sat with me and went through all the details and was the sweetest person I have ever met! Don't listen to the negative comments... They are awesome!

  • 5D. 2 months ago

    simply put, I had a great experience at this clinic.typicalIy I arrive at clinics about 20 minutes before opening time, for the best chance of being seen quickly and getting on my way before it gets busy.The reception staff were wonderful, friendly, and got me in to see the doctor quickly.The doctor asked plenty of questions about my health, lifestyle, and provided plenty of helpful info and options. He showed great care and concern as well as respect for my well being.Going to see the doc may be a moment of dread for some, but Primacy Medical provided a nurturing atmosphere and a very positive experience.

  • 5Yvonne K. 5 months ago

    Just what I needed. I had a very good experience with this clinic yesterday. The front desk staff were very nice. I called in advance and only had a half hour wait. I was met with the assistant who is a Doctor in medical school. We went through my concerns and she typed up notes. A few minutes later I met with the Doctor. She was very attentive to my health problem and didn't rush me. I was very happy that I went to this clinic.

  • 5123 J. 7 months ago

    first time going and I'm very happy with the help I received. direct and straight to the point. feeling much better today.thank you so much!

  • 5Tess L. 7 months ago

    I would just like to commend Dr. Nick Dortaj for a job well done on surturing my deep cut on my fingers. He did not only make me at ease but his comforting words were touchy. He cares sincerely for his patients.Thank you so much Dr. Nick!❤

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  • 5Kirsten P. 8 months ago

    I am genuinely shocked to see some of the negative reviews here. I have been going to this clinic for years, up until I recently got my own family doctor but will still come here if my only I have to on the weekends. The doctors have always been amazing and the receptionist are very friendly! I started coming here as a young teen and now I’m 22 and I can say that I’ve never had a bad doctor here!

  • 5Inderjeet S. 1 year ago

    Dr. Azer is a wonderful doctor. She is so calm and friendly. And front staff is also nice and very helpful.

  • 5Charlie E. 11 months ago

    Very pleased with the care I received. My new walk-in for sure.

  • 5bhagwant d. 10 months ago

    Excellent customer service.. desk receptionist are friendly and doctors as wellLess waiting time

  • 5Stephanie T. 11 months ago

    Front desk staff I spoke with was polite. The doctor was very helpful. She was also informative and kind.

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  • 5Maria C. 1 year ago

    Came for a walk-in on a Sunday for a sudden medical issue that was really making me nervous - the receptionist and doctors were nothing but incredibly sweet and kind, and I left feeling so much better. I have bad social anxiety and was a little nervous to come because of the reviews, but I found they did not depict the experience I had at all. Furthermore I showed up a little late in the day, with only forty minutes to close and they still gladly took me in. I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect. Thank you all!

  • 5Emmanuel N. 2 months ago

    Glad to have found the Primacy clinic inside Superstore on Regent. The doctors listened carefully, took not & asked direct questions to understand your need. Shout-out in particular to Dr Ken Odogwu, an informed & very friendly man. It was my 1st visit but I surely will keep recommending them.

  • 2Justin W. 2 months ago

    My wife waited 3 hours and was told there were still 10 people ahead of her. Despite just being told this, the front desk was telling new walk ins a 2.5 hour wait time. We had waited 3 hours and didn't even make through half the wait list, how would new walk ins be seen so quickly?Many people walked out after waiting over 3 hours, eventually we did too. I think it's important for clinics to respect patients time and insure they don't cram as many patients in as possible by giving inaccurate expectations. This just leads to frustrated patients.

  • 2Fanny J E. 5 months ago

    I asked how long the wait time would be, was told 45 min. After 45 min I asked how much longer, the receptionist said I was next. I sat down, then the receptionist announced to myself and one more patient (who were the only ones in the room) that the doctor would go for lunch now and it would be another 45 min. Very unprofessional and do not consider the patient's time.

  • 2Shawn H. 4 months ago

    Went to walk-in during their hours and they closed early. Walk-ins should not close earlier than their posted hours. This was over an hour before their posted closing time and only three people waiting inside. Hire more doctors or change your hours of operation. Not impressed

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  • 1P E. 1 week ago

    I don’t have much to say other than this: if you want to be treated with respect, looked after, a place with concerns for the patient then AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE.They have the most disrespectful staff/receptions I’ve ever seen, and I work in hospitals so I run into many staff members. I genuinely wonder what their issue is because they are CONSTANTLY in a bad mood, smug personality and disrespectful tone. And this is from the start of the day so I can’t even say it’s from having a long day at the clinic.This clinic is an absolute joke. Superstore should make it into something else because they are not doing what they need to be doing. Doctors are in out whenever they want to. I’ve been told to come in at 12pm and once I did I was told the doctor left. Why did they not call to let me know then? They have zero consideration for your time and wellbeing. Avoid it, go to Regent Clinic with Dr. shaker instead. At least they are reliable even if it’s a long wait. They don’t play games like this place does.

  • 1Wayne P. 2 months ago

    Very very poor service. The receptionists do not want to work. I called three times regarding my prescription, first 2 times they put me on hold for 20 minutes until they hung up on me. The last call the said they’d look into it and call me back. I’ve been waiting 24 hours and no call yet. If you want to get treated like garbage and get the run around then this is the place to go, if not go somewhere else… anywhere else!

  • 1Rus T. 4 months ago

    Just changing my review to 1 star. A letter from doctor cost $20 and I tried to pay with Debit card it failed. I offered to pay with a credit card. For credit card the clinic charge extra $5 per transaction. I think it's a rip off. I have never heard of 20% mark up on transactions!!!

  • 1Gurinder S. 6 months ago

    Such a bad time in this clinic, I came with my wife and we came from north and they said come as a walkin when we called. We wait in there clinic for 1 hour and they said they don’t have any available slot for us, receptionist was very rude… don’t go they don’t care for anyone’s timings.

  • 1Janna J. 4 months ago

    Worst walk-in ever. Most times I try to go they are always closed even though it's hours before their closing time. I went before 6pm this evening and they are open till 7 and doors are closed and lights off. I have been yelled at by one of the male doctors because I brought my child in the clinic who was sick and told me I should of made a phone appointment. His front staff never offered me that option or I would have. Also one of the times that I went and it was open they wanted to refuse to see my child because they didn't want to see children that day. Nothing but problems for the handful of times I actually got in. I was hoping my experiences were just bad days but it was the clinic itself.

  • 1Jamie J. 8 months ago

    One star is being gracious. After having to drive in from kenora 3 times to have my paperwork fixed for my commercial drivers medical, Dr. Ortaj altered my original document in a way that effectively just costed me my commercial drivers license and my ability to feed my family!! I was nothing but respectful to the dr and his staff and he deliberately caused me delay in renewing my drivers license, essentially costing me thousands of dollars in income and expenses to resolve this issue.The worst clinic in the country and I wouldn't be surprised if they are held accountable for malpractice

  • 1P. 3 years ago

    I came here several times over the span of a few years for the same issue. I came in the first day and told them I have gallstones, everyone in my family has had them, I had textbook symptoms, not even a question.They didn't want to listen, sent me for tests and confirmed I had gallstones but still wouldn't listen to my request to do anything about it because no matter what I was eating I would have really bad attacks. I was told for 2 years over a span of 36+ appointments that it's not gallbladder attacks, that I have anxiety and that they can recommend me to a group therapist to assist with it, despite the proof that I have gallstones. After that 2 year time span I went in and refused to leave until I had a consultation with a surgeon. They finally got me into a consultation that took place 8 months later, and they said they would call me with a date for my surgery. 1 year later I was still told 6 months waiting period to even get the date for my surgery, and wound up being taken in by ambulance one morning after being sick every 5 minutes for 9 hours straight. After waiting for so long, one of the stones got stuck in the duct, my gallbladder was infected and ruptured, I ended up with a bad blood infection and almost died (this is not an exaggeration). Had they taken me seriously the first time when I walked in that first appointment and said I have gallstones, this wouldn't have happened, I would have been on that waiting list almost 3 years earlier.If you're going to go to this clinic - demand they take you seriously. Apparently that's the only way to get care because the doctors don't actually give a rats about you.

  • 1W. 1 year ago

    Dr. Azer,Dr. Azer lied to me as well in regards to my medical situation, saying that there was nothing that can be done about it. Meanwhile there is medication to help just so you can function a little bit better on daily basis.I had seen her a second time regarding another medical situation and She would not refer me to a medical clinic in which i had gone to before diagnosed with and was referred to a hospital for physio therapy. She made me feel that I was lying regarding the pain I was suffering from. All she did was shove pain medication at me and sent me on my way.

  • 1Simon G. 1 year ago

    I went there to take the Moderna vaccine and it was all good at first with the wait time being that I got there an hour before they closed. When I took the vaccine the doctor told me she would be checking in on me in 15 min. And checked in 10 min. Before that but said she would check on me again. She had other patients to deal and that was ok cause all I had was a shot. My issue was she never came back to check up on me again like she said she would. She never said I can leave after 15 min. And just before they closed up I was left waiting for the doc and the assistant comes in surprised that there is still a patient in a room and tells me "is there a reason why your still here?" I think she forgot about me lol but that shouldn't be funny

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