Global Medical Recruiting | International Professional Medical Recruitment for and to the Middle East (2022)


2 Year Family Contracts

Total Monthly Package:

From 66500 AED up to 85 000 AED (which is +/- 416 000 South-African Rand/ 18800 GBP / 21000 EUR/ 33 000 CAD/ 23 150 USD).

Monthly Basic Salary: Depending on discretion of the employer.

Annual Vacation: 30 Calendar Days

Public Holidays: As per UAE Labour Law for the Private Sector

Flights: Return flight to specified home country upon completion of every year (Spouse and 2 children)

Mobilisation/Demobilisation: Flights from and to Hiring Country – Spouse and 2 children

Professional Allowance: AED 9,000 per month

Location Allowance: AED 4,000 per month

Other Allowances: AED 8,000 per month

Education Allowance: AED 20,000 per year per child (2 Children)

Transport Provided: Standard 4 cylinder vehicle

Housing Allowance: AED 5,500 per month

Sponsorship: Provided - Employee, Spouse, 2 Children

Probationary Period: 180 days as per UAE Labour Law

Medical Insurance: Medical Care Employee, Spouse, 2 Children

End of Service Gratuity: As per UAE Labour Law

Notice by Employer: 1 month notice period as per UAE Labour Law

Notice by Employee: 3 month notice period as per UAE Labour Law

The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.


Minimum Requirements

Highly Preferred:

Candidates in the UAE with DHA or HAAD license WITH ANY SPECIALIST qualificationaccording to UAE PQR


Overseas Physicians with one of the following Specialist certificates:

AUSTRALIA:Fellowship of the Royal College/Colleges

AUSTRIA:Facharztdiplom (Diploma of medical specialist) issued by ÖsterreichischeArztekammer

BELGIUM:Bijzondereberoepstitel van geneesheerspecialist/ Titre professionnel particuier de médecin spécialiste /Bijzondereberoepstitel van huisarts/ Titre professional particulier de médecin généraliste.

CANADA:RCPSC (Specialization Certificate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons) of Canada

FRANCE: CES - Certificate of Specialized Studies in Medicine - Certificat d'études spécialisées de médecineOR DES/DESC - Diploma of complementary specialized studies - Diplôme d'études spécialisées /Diplôme d'études spécialisées complémentaires qualifiant de médecine.

IRELAND: CSCT - Completion of Specialist Training Certificate / CSCST - Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Training in General Practice.

NETHERLANDS:Certificate of recognition - Bewijis van inschrijving in een Specialistenregister AND Registration/Certificate of entry in the Specialist Register.

NEW ZEALAND: FRCP - Fellowship of the Royal College.

SOUTH-AFRICAN: M.Med - Masters of Medicine OR CMSA - Fellowship certificate.

SWEDEN: Specialist Certificate - Bevis om specialistkompetens som läkare issued by National Board of Health & Welfare of Sweden.

UNITED KINGDOM: CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training)OR CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training)

USA: ABMS (American Board)


Minimum: 5 years experience in an active treatment hospital within his/her specialty.

10 Years experience preferred.

Ability to handle and lead the clinical management of complex and critical patients.


Active Registration to Practice Medicine within specialty from country of origin or country of last practice.



Provides direct patient care and provides medical direction and advice to the on shift medical and other healthcare staff within the Emergency Department. Provides care and makes treatment decisions based on real time evaluation of patients' history, physical findings and diagnostic studies.


  • Clinically manages all patients under his/her care in the Emergency Department;
  • Provides medical direction and advice to on-shift ED physician staff;
  • Responds to all Code Blue calls in the Emergency Department;
  • Acts as a triage coordinator in multi-person/disaster cases;
  • Provides clinical guidance, direction and coordination of activities for supportive care within the ED and for follow-up care;
  • Promotes and participates in ongoing education and training of all medical staff in the ED including the participation in hospital symposia and specialist meetings;
  • Participates in department in-services and attends staff meetings;
  • Establishes professional relationships within the overall Hospital and health service community. Represents the ED on senior hospital committees. May act as a chair for specific committees;
  • Manages the operations of the assigned clinical service(s)/program(s) within the ED; schedules and assigns staff reporting to him/her; co-ordinates and manages clinical practice and patient care activities; authorizes the reassignment of staff reporting to him/her within and across clinical service/program areas of responsibility; responsible for creating master rotations;
  • Ensures there are current evidence based standard, procedures and protocols in place to direct the delivery of clinical care;
  • Works with the stakeholders to provide for sufficient qualified medical staff with the professional skills and judgment to deliver safe patient care;
  • Develops measures to evaluate clinical care, clinical services, educational program results and employee performance for Clinical Staff at the ED, consistent with the Hospital Department of Medical Services established activities;
  • Works with the stakeholders to ensure that space, facilities, equipment and supplies at the ED meet the professional, educational and administrative needs;
  • Ensures orientation, professional development and continuing educational programs are developed for all ED medical personnel
  • Takes a proactive role with the Department of Medical Education in training, education and CQI activities of ICML Staff and MOH Staff (medical). Promotes a learning environment. Identifies opportunities for improvement;
  • Manages assigned staff in accordance with professional standards, performance expectations and current legislated/contractual obligations; promotes and/or provides for co-operative working relationships, and a quality practice environment;
  • Conducts regular evaluations of assigned staff and discusses results of the same with the concerned individuals and with management. Ensures corrective actions are taken to deliver effective, efficient and safe patient care;
  • Acts as a resource to the leadership team in area of specialization. Provides expert consultative advice to interdisciplinary team members as required;
  • Supports the development of annual operating and capital equipment budget forecasts for the assigned service area by the concerned finance departments; monitors activities and ensures expenditures are within approved budgets; identifies efficiencies and promotes optimal use of resources, making recommendations for current and future program and service adjustments;
  • Monitors indicators and takes corrective action to ensure that clinical programs and services continue to operate efficiently and effectively; manages contracts for assigned programs and services;
  • Acts as an advocate for patients and families; responds to identified issues; takes a lead role in coordinating a complaint review/audit process to address concerns regarding patient care and processes;
  • Participates in the development and maintenance of administrative and clinical information systems; ensures contractual and government reporting requirements are met;
  • Ensures that professional practice and care standards are maintained;
  • Participates on assigned internal, and external committees; chairs and/or leads discussion as requested; prepares status reports and/or develops recommendations on follow up action to be taken; implements approved recommendations for the assigned service;
  • Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship and ongoing communications with medical staff, other department heads and community agencies;
  • Monitors the clinical / medical resources within the ED and recommends corrective action against deficits.
  • Promotes continuous improvement in ED clinical systems and processes;
  • Encourages medical research and evidence based practice at the ED. Established a Quality Practice environment within the service. Is a patient and a staff advocate;
  • Establishes professional relationships within the overall Hospital and health service community. Represents the ED on senior hospital committees. Act as a chair for specific committees;
  • Regularly reports, as required, on the KPIs that are to be reported upon regarding the activities in the ED;
  • Ensures the Clinical Director is informed of and aware of significant events and activities in the area(s) of responsibility;
  • Liaises with the ICML management offices locally and internationally on matters of the project and the ICML Staff;
  • Ensures ICML is informed of and aware of significant events and activities in the area(s) of responsibility and ensure collection and compilation of all documentations, intellectual property and other relevant information about ICML activities within the ED as may be
    required by ICML;
  • Provides input to the monthly reports to be produced by the Clinical Director to the ICML Project Manager and to ICML on the activities of the ED with particular emphasis on the activities of the ICML Staff at the ED for the preceding month highlighting areas of success, areas of deficiency and forecasting possible future encumbrances including laying out the steps for overcoming the same with the aim of providing safe and efficient healthcare services;
  • Generally has a duty of care to ICML and works with and cooperates fully with ICML and the ICML Project Manager in the implementation of all aspects of the Agreement between the Ministry of Health and ICML;
  • Performs other professional duties as may be assigned within his/her scope and ability.
About the Employer

More about the Hospital:

One of the largest government healthcare providers in the Sharjah region, UAE - United Arab Emirates in the Middle-East.

The hospital providing efficient healthcare services across multiple disciplines and specializations. Some of the facilities at the hospital include outpatient clinics, operating rooms, paediatrics, cardiovascular department and physiotherapy.

Received international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI).

The hospital has many nationally and internationally recognized healthcare professionals on their team.

More about Sharjah City:

Sharjah is the third largest city in the UAE and right next to Dubai overlooking the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The distance between Sharjah city and Dubai is 47km. Sharjah and Dubai is closely linked by public transport, monorail, water taxis and buses, due to this Sharjah and Dubai often don,t feel like separate cities.

More about the UAE:

The United Arab Emirates is home to a wide range of nationalities and has much to offer. It has a huge variety of exciting cultures and food. According to the UN - United Nations more than 88% of the UAE's residents come from abroad. According to data from embassies 120,000 people from the UK and 50,000 from the US live in the UAE. English is widely spoken, and the number of expats means that you’ll always have a community available to you if you need it.

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