Alumni Professional Engagement (2022)

UCF Alumni Professional Engagement provides robust programming and limited 1:1 career services, however, many Knights around the nation have reached out needing career, executive, leadership and other coaching that delves more in-depth or focuses on specific areas or industries. Coaches can help discern what career path will lead to success, provide a framework and support for career goals, or assist in honing specific skills.

UCF Alumni has career coaches and counselors that are a part of the UCF Alumni Career Coach Referral Program. They are an essential part of UCF Alumni Professional Engagement, offering special rates and career and professional development services for fellow Knights.Vetted alumni coaches are listed below, in no particular order. Rates vary and all coaches have agreed to offer a discount to UCF alumni, typically 20% off their regular rates. Please check out this highly qualified group of coaches.

When you reach out, be sure to tell them you are a UCF Knight!

Our Alumni Career Coaches host webinars and events specifically for UCF Knights! To check out past webinars, click here.

Heather Bailey '00

Alumni Professional Engagement (1)

Heather Bailey '00 is an award-winning producer and storyteller who cofounded Back2You to coach and mentor those in the journalism field. Her work has been recognized with multiple Suncoast Emmy, Florida AP, Florida Association of Broadcasters and Florida Society of Professional Journalists Awards.

Heather is a proud UCF Alumnus who earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio and Television. She also holds a Master’s Degree Journalism from the University of Missouri.

Her coaching and mentoring, through Back2You, focuses on career development, portfolio review, writing critique, social media strategy and multi-platform storytelling.

Heather currently resides in Jacksonville, FL but still has strong ties to the Central Florida area. In her free time, she enjoys sporting events and is always looking to support the hometown team. As a season ticket holder for UCF Football, you’ll find her at the alumni center and stadium on game days. She’s also a member of Orlando City’s Society XXI and is the first season ticket in franchise history for the Orlando Pride.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 480-389-6374


Crisy Brutus '09

Alumni Professional Engagement (2)

Crisy Brutus '09is the founder of WISE Consultants LLC, a coaching firm that offers professional coaching and business incorporation services. She specializes in career, health, business, and life coaching. Crisy is a UCF graduate, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2009. She also graduated from Columbia Southern University in 2016 and obtained an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Crisy is passionate about coaching others and helping individuals achieve their goals. Crisy lives in Phoenix, Arizona. When she is not working, she enjoys dancing Zumba, hiking with her fiancé, and spending time with her family and friends.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 480-389-6374


Katrina Cohens '06

Alumni Professional Engagement (3)

Katrina Cohens '06 is the CEO and founder of Cohens Consulting Services, LLC. She is a proven professional with 20+ years of experience in financial management (2 years-AVP and 4 years-VP level), with an emphasis on leadership, client service excellence, operations, production, performance expectations, and employee relations. Ms. Cohens is a resourceful problem solver and planner with the ability to analyze, collaborate and communicate to achieve specific goals and performance standards. She achieves success through perseverance, self-discipline, and commitment.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 352-519-8090


Marelena Cruz '15

Alumni Professional Engagement (4)

Marelena Cruz '15 is a multi-passionate job search coach, focused on helping candidates stand out in the job application process. As someone who has often been a non-traditional candidate and whose career has been anything but linear, she is compelled and inspired to help others stand out among the sea of digital applications and get the interview. She specializes in communicating your value, anticipating and overcoming potential objections, and creating one-of-a-kind application supplements to catapult your application to the top of the list!

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 407-349-3360


Erin Cummings '03

Alumni Professional Engagement (5)

Erin Cummings '03, MBA and CPC- Executive Leadership & Transitions Coach is in marketing and organizational management, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate and education management arenas . As a CPC, Erin helps her clients improve awareness of themselves and their environment using Core Energy Coaching™ This coaching tool can help clients be better communicators, more willing to accept responsibility, and better able to identify their passions.

As a Certified Coach, she uses Core Energy Coaching™ techniques to help individuals and groups be more successful, happier and move past the block that is currently keeping them physically or mentally stuck.

Erin’s clients experience amazing improvements in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction, and work/life balance.

For any current UCF Knights, UCF Alumni or their families that are interested in finding out more about coaching services use the code “CoachUCF” on the contact form to receive a FREE Consultation/Discovery Call and 20% off any coaching service.

Email: [emailprotected]


LinkedIn URL:

Alissha Gordin '06

Alumni Professional Engagement (6)

Alissha Gordin '06 helps leaders and organizations from around theworld tap into their core talent (i.e., people), so they can increase theirperformance and stand out from peers and competition. For over 15 years, Heatherhas partnered with executives, rising leaders, and teams of organizations andenterprises of all sizes to break free from their frustrations and achievetheir desired outcomes. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Universityof Florida and a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology fromthe University of Central Florida, Heather uses a powerful combination ofcoaching and consulting services to shift the mindsets of individuals towardgenerating creative solutions and attainable strategies.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 321-278-9557


Jeanne Henningsen '94

Alumni Professional Engagement (7)

Jeanne Henningsen '94 has coached hundreds of leaders and businessowners on releasing overwhelm, communicating and collaborating on a deeperlevel to achieve higher performance, learning and feeling comfortable resolvingconflict, and finding true joy and passion in their work. The organizations shehas served include AAA, Darden Restaurants, General Motors, Georgia Pacific,HealthSouth Rehabilitation, Sprint, the University of Central Florida, the U.S.Navy, Walt Disney World Company, and others.

Jeanne has an M.S. in Industrial OrganizationalPsychology and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Coach AcademyInternational and the John Maxwell Team. She is certified in the world-renownedCenter for Creative Leadership’s 360 leadership feedback assessments, qualifiedin the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, in addition to a variety of otherassessment tools.

When Jeanne is not elevating others to their truth, sheis hanging out with her wonderful husband, princess daughter, and two furryangels.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: (407) 252-1190


Simanto Khandaker '07 '15MA

Alumni Professional Engagement (8)

Sim Khandaker '07 '15MA is a two-time graduate with a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling from UCF. Go Knights! He has been coaching individuals since 2009, helping 2,400+ individuals with resume, interviewing, imposter syndrome, burn out, leadership, etc. Sim’s clients range from executives to career starters within business, technology, and Engineering. He has been recognized as one of the Best Life Coaches in Atlanta andBest of Georgia - Honorable Mention for Mental Wellness coaching.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: (404) 594-3694


Justin Martin '15 '19MA

Alumni Professional Engagement (9)

Justin Martin '15 '19MAis a mental health therapist in Orlando, Florida and practices from a model of Internal Family Systems working with both individuals and couples. Justin has experience with helping students and professionals navigate career choices from a mental health perspective. “Career decisions can bring a lot to the surface and I help people navigate their underlying feelings and thoughts to help them make the best decision they can.” He uses compassionate inquiry with his clients to help identify their goals and get confidence in making career decisions. Outside of being a therapist, Justin enjoys writing poetry, sports, and reading a good book!

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: (407) 906-3672


Ricky Rademacher '16

Alumni Professional Engagement (10)

Richard Rademacher '16is the Senior Facilitator for Training Initiatives, Inc. He is from Daytona Beach, FL, and attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies and a Minor in Criminal Justice. He has worked in Workforce Development for 7 years and in many capacities including Job readiness, Employment Security, and Case Management. As a nationally and state certified workforce professional, he is passionate about helping the people of Daytona Beach and Flagler/Volusia Counties find careers they will grow and become self-sufficient in. Previously, he worked as an Employment Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Central Florida and the Florida Department of Corrections.


Phone:(386) 679-3758

Alaina Rahaim '16

Alumni Professional Engagement (11)

Alaina Rahaim '16 is an outgoing, empathic Career Coach and National Certified Counselor, with expertise in a variety of career planning and professional development topics. In addition to being certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors and The Myers-Briggs Foundation as an MBTI Certified Practitioner, Alaina holds both a Master of Science in Counseling and an Educational Specialist degree from Florida State University. A proud Knight, Alaina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication and Minor in English Literature from the University of Central Florida.

Alaina strives to empower clients by listening and providing detailed resume reviews and cover letter writing tips, interview preparation, and strategies for job searching, including LinkedIn, personal branding, networking, evaluating offers, and phrasing follow-up correspondence.

In her free time, Alaina loves visiting Disney with her partner, acting and volunteering in community theatre, and caring for her pet sugar glider, Flaps.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: (561) 236-9558


Jessica Villegas '14

Alumni Professional Engagement (12)

Jessica Villegas '14 is a Certified Academic Life Coach andthe Founder of Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting in Winter Garden, Florida. Jessicaand her team serve teens and young adults through private coaching, groupcoaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. She uses workbook exercises,coaching planners, and regular check-ins to support young adults achieve theiracademic and personal goals. Jessica received her Bachelor’s in OrganizationalCommunications and Leadership Studies from the University of Central Floridaand her Professional Coaching certification through Coach Training EDU, an ICFAccredited Institution, as an Academic Life Coach. Jessica’s professionalexperience includes 13 years in hospitality management and 7 years in supplychain logistics and transportation having held various leadership positions inboth fields.

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: 321-236-2053


*Alumni career coaches participating in the UCF Alumni Career Coach Referral Program are in no way affiliated with the University of Central Florida, UCF Foundation, or UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving (together “UCF”). UCF in no way endorses the views of the individuals, the quality of services provided, and in no way guarantees the outcomes of participating in this program. Professionals participating in this program are not being compensated or retained by the University of Central Florida, UCF Foundation, or UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving.

Career Coach Referral Program

If you are a career coach/counselor or if you specialize in career development, UCF Alumni wants to refer your services to Knight Nation!

To learn more about this amazing new opportunity, email [emailprotected]and we will reach out to you regarding next steps.

*Career coach or counselor must be a UCF graduate.

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